When entering Tyne Valley from Route 12, the first thing a person sees is the community’s rink.

For over 50 years the Tyne Valley Community Sports Centre was a place where young people learned and played hockey. It was a gathering place for the community, playing an important role in the Tyne Valley Oyster Festival. It was a place where memories were created and shaped countless childhoods.

When fire destroyed the rink on Dec. 29, 2019, it was a devastating loss for Tyne Valley. Years of memories went up in flames, leaving a close knit community without their rink. The mayor of the community has been quoted saying the rink was the beating heart of Tyne Valley.

Thankfully, Tyne Valley is a place full of talented, passionate people, determined not only to see their village survive or even thrive, but succeed. Those exact same people quickly gathered hours after the fire and began planning immediately to rebuild their destroyed rink.

Then came word the village was making a run for Kraft Hockeyville 2020. The prize money of $250,000 will surely go a long way in helping Tyne Valley achieve their goal of rebuilding their rink.

In order to rebuild, Tyne Valley will need support from everywhere, federally and provincially. But more importantly, locally, especially now as the village gears up for Kraft Hockeyville 2020.

‘Rally for the Valley’ has become their slogan, a rallying cry that’s not only catchy but powerful. A slogan that’s asking their neighbours in West Prince and people across the Island to support them in their bid for the Top 4 of Kraft Hockeyville. Afterwards, when they make it to the Top 4, they will need further help to carry them all the way to the finish line.

Kraft Hockeyville is not a new experience for West Prince or PEI. April 1st 2020 marks the third anniversary from when O’Leary won Kraft Hockeyville back in 2017. O’Leary was able to do what Tyne Valley is hoping to do this time - gain the support of everyone from far and wide. Not just in West Prince, but across the Island and the country.

Here’s our chance to show everyone what happened in O’Leary wasn’t an isolated incident, because if Islanders could do it once for O’Leary, they can surely do it again for Tyne Valley.

What could have been a devastating tragedy for a small Island community has been turned into something unexpectedly positive. The residents of Tyne Valley should be proud of themselves for that. Regardless the outcome of Kraft Hockeyville, there’s no doubt Tyne Valley will rebuild their rink. And will all be thanks to a dedicated and determined bunch of people who call the valley home.

So, PEI, get ready to Rally for the Valley.

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