Here are some ideas of what you can do at home until your favorite gym reopens:

Legs- Walking lunges are great and can be done for higher repetitions just using body weight. If you do not have the room they can also be done stationary. Same with body weight squats. Just do more repetitions if you are accustomed to using weight. Step ups onto a box or stool can also be done at home. If you are just getting started and some of these exercises are too difficult try opening and inside door, hanging onto each side of the door knob with your feet on each side of the open door and perform assisted squats this way.

Back- Using the door mentioned above you can do a form of rows by hanging onto a sturdy doorknob on each side, leaning back and then pulling yourself towards the door. Another row could be performed by filling an old duffle or kit bag with a few items to give it some weight, then grasp both ends and perform bent over rows with it. A smaller bag could be used for one arm rows. Chin ups are great if there is something solid enough in your house to do them from.

Chest- Hard to beat push ups for chest! If the are too hard do them on your knees, or place your hands on something sturdy and about knee to waist height and perform them on an incline. If they are too easy elevate your feet and keep your hands on the floor.

Shoulders- Lighten up the duffle bag you used for back and use it as a weight for over head pressed, upright rows and even lateral raises.

Triceps- You have probably done some form of bench dips at the gym. Find a sturdy chair, bench or shelf of some kind and dip away. Triceps kick backs don’t require a lot of weight to perform when done correctly, so look around for an item that you could use for a few kick backs.

Biceps- Under hand chin ups if possible, or something you can curl. Very basic movement for Biceps so curls will do it.

Core- Lots here. Planks are great. Military style sit ups, crunches, leg raises in all their variations. Side bends with a bit of weight in one arm will target the obliques. Good mornings performed correctly for the low back/hamstrings.

It may not be a full out gym workout but its enough exercise to keep the muscles working and will burn a few calories for you until you can get back to the gym.

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