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O'Leary council approved several purchases during their Sept. 9 meeting, including speed humps for Centennial Drive. Speeding within the town has been an ongoing discussion at council, particularly on Centennial Drive where many families live. Melissa Heald photo

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The first council meeting for O’Leary since June saw councillors tackle a lengthy agenda.

Council approved several purchases during the Sept. 9 meeting, including speed humps for Centennial Drive.

Speeding within the town has been an ongoing discussion at council, particularly on Centennial Drive where many families live.

The town approved the purchase of speed humps from a company in Truro, Nova Scotia and has enough of the roughly 16 inch sections to create two 24 feet humps on the road right now, but council has decided to hold off installing the speed humps until next spring. The humps will have to be installed every spring and removed before winter.

The town will be ordering more of the sections to create three additional humps for Centennial Drive. The sections that have already arrived cost approximately $1,600.

Council also approved the purchase of the old rink boards from the O’Leary Community Sports Centre that will be replaced during renovations at the arena.

The town is hoping to use the boards to create a new permanent outdoor rink. Where this outdoor rink will be located is yet to be decided. But the hope is to create a temporary outdoor rink this winter without the use of the boards.

“I find the town needs more to do in the winter and an outdoor rink would be great,” said Councillor Joey Dumville, chair of the recreation committee. “There’s a lot of steps that need to follow to get them properly installed, but we would like to do some kind of rink this year if we can, but it won’t be with the boards this year.”

The arena has agreed to buy back the boards if the town’s plans to create an outdoor rink doesn’t work out.

The town’s CAO, Bev Shaw, recommended to council purchasing larger flower pots for the town’s light poles.

This summer, thanks to the dry weather, the flower pots currently being used had to be water twice a day, every day, including weekends, by town employees.

“We got looking around to see if we could find some other kind of pot that would work and Summerside were using a larger flower pot and it’s self-watering,” said Ms Shaw. “It has a reservoir at the bottom.”

The current pots are 16 inches while the larger pots are about 21 inches and 12 inches deep.

“We could reduce the watering to two times a week from two times a day,” said Ms Shaw.

She added the pots come with a 10 year warranty, but do cost more. Twelve pots would cost approximately $2,700 and will cost the town an additional $20 to have them filled.

Ms Shaw also reminded council they have a $5,000 budget line for flowers and gardens and this year the town only spent about $2,800 of that budget.

Council tabled their decision on the flower pots until their next meeting.

O’Leary council did approve a motion to submit a $1,000 deposit to Softball Canada for a 2022 Canadian Championship bid.

Softball Canada is expected to put out a call for bids later this fall.

“I have already notified Softball PEI that we intend to put in a bid,” stated Recreation Director Andrew Avery in his written report to council. “It could be a challenge to get an event in 2022 as all 2020 cancelled events will be given consideration should they reapply (Charlottetown was one of the cancelled events), but work is being done and still would like to bring one back to O’Leary within the next 2-4 years.”

Mr Avery said the deposit would be returned if the town’s bid is unsuccessful.

Coun. Dumville made the motion and Councillor Darrel Wood second the request. The motion passed unanimously.

Lastly, council has decided, at the moment, not to approve a $25,000 donation to the Canadian Potato Museum for a proposed expansion at the site. However, council will look at the donation request again at budget time. Council did approve earlier in the meeting a motion to grant the museum a permit to expand their kitchen and build a new outdoor patio.

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