Ever start the gym with high enthusiasm and lofty goals of getting in better shape and nailing some great workouts? Its exciting to get started and imperative to keep that excitement going. With out it the workouts become routine, the training mundane and the fire inside will go out.

Chart your own destiny with training. Educate yourself on effective methods and pay attention to what does and does not work for you. Without learning what really works for you its impossible to reach for full potential. Be realistic, not everyone is going to bench 500 pounds, do 100 chins, add huge amounts of muscle or have chiseled abs. However you can get in phenomenal shape, and maybe you do have the genetic potential for one of the above.

Training can be a solo activity or done with friends and training partners. Its important to keep it fresh and engaging. With out this the excuses will set it and you will start missing sessions. Nothing stalls progress like missing too many workouts or just training on auto pilot. If you don’t feel 100% alive, alert and full of vigor half way through your workout you are probably doing something wrong. May not be applying enough intensity with each set, the rest time could be too long or your mind just may not be in it. It’s up to you to fix this.

An epic workout wakes every cell in your body and mind. It’s the training high and with it comes the workouts you have always dreamed of. When you experience it you will chase it every workout but it does not come easy. You don’t get it on leg extensions and concentration curls. You don’t get it stopping the set when it just starts to get hard. You don’t get it taking five minutes between sets and losing your focus by idle chit chat. You get it from basic exercises- the squats, rows and presses. You get it from pushing your self past your comfort zone and keeping a challenging workout pace going. You get it from focus-intensity-concentration and hard work.

Don’t approach your workouts without excitement. You can reap the rewards of a lifetime of physical fitness with the right attitude and work ethic.

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