One of the best things you can do to add to your workout experience is to train with an upbeat motivated training partner. Very few sports are solo activities and your workouts should be no different. The right training partner will increase your performance, intensity, accountability and enjoyment of your workouts.

We all have those days when we are too busy, too tired or just not motivated enough to get our workouts in. If you are just a beginner you may skip your workout, thinking I will do it tomorrow. While this is perfectly OK occasionally it can lead to a habit. Frequently skipping workouts will lead to less results and possibly quitting all together. When you know that you have a training partner meeting you at the gym, all ready to go and depending on you to be there, you will be there. If you don’t show you are letting your training partner down...and your self down.

Being competitive is a positive trait when channeled right. When you are training with someone you will want to give it your best because you know they will be. Turn your workouts into a game with you and your training partner. Have contests within your workouts to see who can get the most chins, squats etc. See who can make the most strength gains over a preset period of time. Set various common goals and strive to meet them and beat them together.

A good training partner is there for you set after set. You can take a set closer or into the failure zone if you know your training partner has got your back. Not good to get stuck at the bottom of a squat or under the bar on a heavy bench press. This won’t happen when you have someone there to spot you. Get you out of the hole when you are pushing it to the limit. Forced reps are a great training tool and you will need a training partner to do them.

With the right training partner workouts are a lot more fun. You don’t want someone who is going to talk your ear off and disrupt your workouts but some short training talk in between sets can set fire to your workouts. Intensity comes from the mind, from desire and passion. If you and your training partner are on the same page and want the same things you can feed off each other, push each other.

With the right training partner, workouts, nutrition and mindset you will reach your training goals. You cannot fail.

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