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Had a workout in Summerside recently at the Iron Haven Gym. On the drive back to Alberton, I was reflecting on how far the gym industry and awareness of fitness and looking after ones self has come. When I started the original Iron Haven gym back in the 80s with some close friends, there were but a handful of gyms on the whole island. Fast forward to today and I can easily count 15 plus gyms in Prince County alone. The fitness movement is rapidly growing and I see the industry, even today still in its infancy.

People are exposed to fitness now at a very early age. Whether they decide to participate or not, the seeds still have been sewn. It is far easier to start training and investing in ones health when you have been exposed to it early.

The advances in equipment, training methods, nutrition and supplementation are nothing short of amazing. With modern training you can get in amazing shape with minimum investment in time. This is ideal for so many with busy lives. Three training sessions of thirty to forty five minutes a week on the right schedule, combined with good nutrition/supplementation can make an huge difference in fitness levels and quality of life.

Gyms are now high tech and no longer an after thought to some extra room beside the locker room in a school or in a basement at a university. They are now sought after by students, guests at hotels, employees at large companies and athletes at arenas. Huge shopping centers now seek gyms as anchor tenants to increase traffic flow and awareness to the mall. Gyms have become the most popular way to stay in shape. Gyms have become the bars of this decade. Gyms are for physical and mental health and well-being. Gyms are for workouts and social interaction.

Careers are abundant now in the fitness industry. Even here in Prince County, Iron Haven Gyms as a small chain have opportunity for personal trainers, gym employees, child care professionals, group class instructors, massage therapists etc. People get it now. They know that it pays back ten fold to look after themselves.

Gyms have come a long way in the few years that I have been involved. It is more exciting than ever and I see it growing even more in the years ahead.

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