Little Taggs and a large crowd gathered in the Truro Raceway winner’s circle following his Maritime debut victory for the Hubtown Horse Owners Club on Sunday, May 7.

Tammy MacKay

Hello again folks! Live Racing has started and is going extremely well at Truro Raceway with our new manager at the helm, Steve Fitzsimmons. Steve Fitzsimmons has stepped up and has been doing an excellent job with advertising and showcasing the live product. Steve has started up a SURVIVOR SERIES, which is attracting bettors. Anyone who may be interested can find the link on the Truro Raceway Website and play along for a chance to win $100 in your HPI Account. We have a pick 5 available for all those interested in picking some winners at the beginning of the card (races 1 through 5) and we have a pick four available (last four races of the card). There are a couple of superfecta pools for those who like that type of bet too. Sometimes changing things up can make a difference. In the first two weeks of racing, we have had a huge increase in wager. On May 7th, for an 8-dash card, we wagered $43,119 and on May 14th (Mother’s Day) we wagered a bit lower @ $26, 302. Now, it was Mother’s Day and it was a cold one, breezy one too. To add to it though, the wagers that we all have witnessed in the first two live cards have been the largest amounts in twenty-one years. Wow! So, things are looking up for Truro Raceway and we are all excited to be part of some positive changes and look forward for more exciting days to come. Thanks to the new management and staff for making these changes, things are headed in the right direction for all of us.

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