Fran Strongman

Fran Strongman

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Rocky Schurman

Rocky Schurman

It’s looking more and more like spring every day! Art Rogers has the track in excellent condition for training here at the Summerside Raceway, and we’re starting to see lots of horses training for the upcoming race season. More flashbacks in this week’s edition, so keep reading!

Fran Strongman

One of the friendliest faces that you’ll see on our backstretch is Fran Strongman of Summerside. She is the wife of Summerside horsemen Norris Rogers and mother to Madison. Some of you may have seen Fran working in the paddock canteen on race nights in the past or looking after horses on race days in the paddock. Fran has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, which in turn has spread to her lungs and deposits on her spine. Brooke Cameron has started a Go Fund Me page, which is really easy to find on the web, (I just typed go fund me Fran Strongman in google and it brought me to the link) and we are looking to raise money for Fran to help with medical and travel costs. I know there are a lot of people who donated on the page already and thank you to everybody who has. There are also a lot of people who may not know about this yet, so I encourage any donation possible for this lovely woman. There are tickets on sale for another set of harness and a set of wheels. I know they already had a draw for a set of harness and congratulations to Paul Conway who was the winner of a set of harness donated by Illsley’s Feed. You can contact Melissa Banks at 902-315 -2981 for tickets on the wheels and another set of harness. I also want to say once again, thank you all for your support on behalf of Fran and her family.

Horse Racing New Brunswick on YouTube

I know that many people are craving some racing here in the Maritimes and personally I’ve been watching a lot of my old races and races from other tracks in the Maritimes on You Tube. I recently found my way to Horse racing New Brunswick’s page and let me tell you was I excited to see old races from EPR from way back in 1983, 84, 85, etc... I spent twelve hours one day watching the likes of Wally and Jody Hennessey, Steve Mahar, Boyd Tremere, Brian Moore, Steve Mason, Milton and Steven Downey and Marcel Barrieau to name a few, spin their magic at the famed oval in Saint John, NB. Don Ferguson also has a page on You Tube, and he has a lot of races on there from Saint John as well! So, it’s great that we have this format to look back and enjoy races from so far back and see the legends that I mentioned in their prime. They also have a lot of great races from the famed Fredericton Raceway to keep you reminiscing. Keep those races coming!

Flashback Charlottetown Driving Park July 23, 1964

The first flashback is a dandy from the Charlottetown Driving Park on July 23, 1964 and they raced four double dashes to make up the 8-race program. The first race of the evening went to Hettie’s Boy for Chester Birt in 2:14 over Askit (Alfred Lowery) and Bob’s Girl (H B Willis) Race 2 went to Stanley Mayhew’s trotter Little Doctor for Graham Chappell in 2:16.1, turning back Vernita’s Pet (Fenton MacKay) and Miss Flamingo (Allie Carr). Race 3 was won by Bill G Command for owner, trainer, driver Elmer Clow in a time of 2:14, besting Abner C (Emmett Bernard) and Rysedyke (Sid Stead). Fourth race went to Jolly Dick for owner James Poulton and driver Harry Poulton in a time of 2:13, over Janet M (Reg MacKenzie) and Boomtown (Don MacNeill). Race 5 of the evening was won by Windy June for owner H.H Jenkins and driven by Emmett Bernard. Time of the mile was 2:16.2 and they turned back Bob’s Girl (H.B Willis) and Askit (Alfred Lowery). Race 6 went to Little Doctor again for Graham Chappell driving for Stanley Mayhew, this time in a time of 2:15.4 over Miss Flamingo (Allie Carr) and Vernita’s Pet (Fenton MacKay). Race 7 went to Arnold MacLennan’s Bifty Silver for Art Burbine in 2:13.2 over Rysedyke (Sid Stead) and Paddyland Girl (John L. Bernard). The final race of this card went to Collins Wood’s Boomtown for Don MacNeill in 2:11 turning back Jolly Dick (Harry Poulton) and Duration (Sid Stead). That’s how things looked at the Charlottetown Driving Park on July 23, 1964.

Flashback Summerside Raceway August 26, 1970

The next flashback comes from right here at Summerside Raceway. It was a midweek Wednesday evening program with an 8:00 post time. The first race of the evening went to the beautiful chestnut trotter Rio Grande for owner, trainer, driver Garth Schurman in a time of 2:19.1 turning back Orchestra Leader (Walter Whelan) and Little Feather (Graham Chappell). Race 2 went to the MacKay and Waiter owned mare Heather Royal with Clifford Chappell driving in a time of 2:14.1, over Betty’s Leader (Donnie Gillis) and Hilltop Star (Francis MacIssac). Race 3 was won by George Semple’s Bottle Top for Clint MacLeod in a time of 2:13, over Little Jill (Alyre Pineau) and Alex Annway (Lem Neill). Race 4 was won by Arnold Weeks’ Wizzard Boy for Alyre Pineau in 2:16 turning back Shelly W (H.B Willis) and Name The Price (Garth Schurman). Race 5 went to Gardiner Newcombe’s Port Hill Boy for Graham Chappell in 2:10.2 over Cosway (Arnold Blacquiere) and Tommy Tag (Junior Chappell). Race 6 saw Lakeside Teddy the winner for owner, trainer, driver Aubrey Darrach in a time of 2:14.4, turning back Deep John (Arnold Blacquiere) and Santa Raider (Clifford Chappell). Race 7 went to Only Holly for Lee Taylor driving for owners Henderson and Willis in a time of 2:13.1, over Rocket Chief (Harvey MacEachern) and Blackie Man (Clint MacLeod). Race 8 was won by Bottle Top once again for Clint MacLeod in 2:12.2 over Little Jill (Alyre Pineau) and Alex Annway (Lem Neill). Race 9 went to Euchre Dan for owner Byron Gamester with Graham Chappell in the bike in a time of 2:16.3 over High Dagonet (Ron MacArthur) and Donna’s Pinky (Boyd Bernard). The final race of the evening went to Port Hill Boy once again for Graham Chappell in 2:09.4 turning back Tommy Tag (Junior Chappell) and Cosway (Arnold Blacquiere).

Flashback July 1, 1969 Summerside Raceway

Our next flashback is from July 1, 1969 at Summerside Raceway and the first race was a preferred trot and the winner was Bob Humphrey’s Happy Gallon C for Joe Hennessey in 2:13.2 over Celia’s Empire (Thane Mann) and Audrey’s Pride (Joe Smallwood). Race 2 went to Nathalie’s Choice for owner, trainer, driver Sid Stead in 2:14 over Silent Sam (Charlie O’Brien) and Chief Play (Joe Hennessey). Race 3 went to Jack Brown’s Liberty Bell for Joe Smallwood in 2:10.3 over Cosway (Arnold Blacquiere) and Darky (Alyre Pineau). Race 4 was won by Mighty Armstrong with Clifford Chappell driving for owner Reagh Sudsbury. They stopped the timer in 2;12.2 and they turned back Texas Chief (William Waite) and Michaelway (Donnie Gillis). Race 5 went to Lady Kimberly with Alyre Pineau in the bike for owner James Dart in a time of 2:09.4, turning back Doc Price (George Sobey) and SS Irish Boots (George “Sticks” Frizzell). Race 6 went to Evertt MacLeod’s Molly Bond for Sheldon Ford in 2:16.2, turning back Winter Lass (Alyre Pineau) and Don’s Dream (Joe Arsenault). Race 7 went to Allison “Hook” Walsh’s Tommy Tag for Junior Chappell in a time of 2:11. They bested Liberty Bell (Joe Smallwood) and Chum (Francis MacIssac). Race 8 was won by Edgewood Ruby for owner, trainer, driver Sid Stead in a time of 2:08.1 in the second heat of the invitational pace. Second was Queens Rambler (Joe Smallwood) and third went to Lady Kimberly (Alyre Pineau). Race 9 the final race of the afternoon went to Henderson and Willis’ Scotch Genessee for catch driver Graham Chappell in a time of 2:14.3 a new race win record. They turned back Adioway Logan (Clifford Chappell) and Chatty Doll (Joe Hennessey).

Flashback October 3, 1990 Summerside Raceway

This flashback doesn’t seem that long ago to me and I’m sure a lot of you readers. It was a Wednesday night program and the first race went to Seedling Time with John Duffy in the bike for Ronnie Gass and Bernard MacDonald. Time of the mile was 2:07.3 and they turned back Miss Tambo (Boyd MacDonald) and Tuft’s First Knight (Dale Sobey). Race 2 went to 2-year-old trotter Dusty Lane Reta for co-owner. Trainer, driver Ronnie Gass who shared ownership with David MacPhail. Time of the mile was 2:11 a maiden record. Second in here was first time starter Fly Fly Angel (Bill MacKay) and First Lite (Keith Campbell) was third. Race 3 went to Randy Racer for Bob MacInnis driving for Stephen Trail in a time of 2:09. They turned back Trinity Tower (Junior Chappell) and Devilish Bob (Keith Campbell). Race 4 went to George Millar’s Little Explosive for Elton Millar in a time of 2:08.4 a new record. They turned back Amazing Knight (Bing Easter) and Lingan Sherry (Therin Smallman). Race 5 was won by Myles Barnett’s Shalom Cricket with Myles in the bike in a time of 2:07, over Sadie’s Bunny (Dale Sobey) and Corey Fish (Ronnie Gass). Race 6 went to Prowse Gardner’s Battling Cutter for Dale Sobey in 2:06.4 over Go Easy Skipper (Kevin MacMillan) and Mistress Chip (Greg MacInnis). Race 7 went to Eddy Doucette and Erwin Howatt’s Fairly Dandy for Walter Cheverie in 2:07 over Esker Rainy Day (Barry Biggar) and Beacon’s Lady (Keith Campbell). Race 8 went to Doris Peters’ Columbia Chips with Jackie Peters in the bike in a time of 2:06.3 turning back Flower Of Hope (Bob MacInnis) and Dovers Cheer (Walter Cheverie). Go With Joe took the race 9 claiming race for Boyd MacDonald driving for Claire MacDonald and Harvey MacEwen. They hit the wire in 2:07.4 and turned back Vodka Tonic (Pat Murphy) and Ellendale Ann (Ricky MacPhee). Race 10 was won by Charlie MacKay’s Flying Samadhi for Gary Chappell in 2:05.2 over Another Norma (Graham Chappell) and CP Myrna Mae (Walter Cheverie). Race 10 the feature of the night Kevin Clow Pace went to Naptime A for owner, trainer, driver Blois MacPhail in a time of 2:02.2 turning back Layem Em Down (Boyd MacDonald) and Nikway Nikromancer (Barry Biggar). Final race of the evening Race 12 went to Lloyd Ramsay’s Knight Sis for Dale Sobey’s second win of the evening in 2:05.1 besting Win N Rambo (Kevin MacMillan) and J D Kaygin (Walter Cheverie).

That’s all for this week. I hope you’re all in good health and I’ll see you at the track!

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