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About Spray Net

Why Spray Net?

Our innovative permanent paint solution offers homeowners a whole new way to renovate.

Spray-Net bridges the gap between conventional house painting and factory painting. Using our exclusive line of industrial-strength coatings and specialized spraying technique, we bring factory quality results directly on-site to your doorstep for a quick and cost-effective exterior revamp! Every project results in a permanent, factory hard finish that won’t peel and looks absolutely brand-new… not repainted.

We do more than just paint: we give homeowners a real alternative to replacement.

Our exterior painters will make you love your home again

When our team completes your renovation at the end of the day, you’ll feel like you practically have a brand-new home! Our advanced coatings and spraying technique create a like-new, streak-free finish, allowing you to save on the unnecessary cost of replacing your siding, doors and windows. Why pay to replace when you can save and renew?

  • Our industrial-strength coatings are formulated with superior additives, resins and solar-reflective pigments resulting in a finish you just can’t get using commercial latex products.
  • From initial prep to end-of-day clean-up, we provide a complete turn-key solution that covers every step of your renovation… even minor repairs!
  • The cost of our service is easily outweighed by the instant boost in curb appeal, providing you with a cost-effective renovation that just makes sense.
  • Our projects are completed in just one day without skimping out on quality.

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Our mission is to use Chemistry and software to deliver the best renovation solutions to homeowners.


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At first, Spray-Net was just an idea, an idea that sprung from one customer's question: "why can't you paint my doors and windows?"