Amanda Millar suspected she had Lyme disease almost a year ago, but it took a trip to British Columbia, which she and her husband Jeremy personally financed at a cost of about $4,000, to get a confirmed diagnosis.

Because Ms Millar had been unable to obtain a diagnosis on PEI and she had already been sick for a year, the couple accepted an immediate opening in the west coast clinic. This meant there was no time to apply for provincial assistance, which is only awarded according to finances and non-availability for the same services here.

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I'm concerned about some of the information presented here; it seems inaccurate. Firstly, I'm sorry this patient wasn't diagnosed properly. I worked for 5 years in New England where Lyme disease was quite common. Lyme disease is NOT caused by a "virus", it is caused by a spirochete (bacteria), hence it's brisk response to commonly used antibiotics. It is not difficult to rule out, and commonly available tests (including PEI, NB, and NS) are available. The standard ELISA test is very good at ruling the disease out, especially after a few weeks of illness. If the ELISA is negative, especially in a person who has had no history of tick bites, rash or subsequent fever, is exceedingly unlikely to have Lyme disease. If the ELISA is positive, a confirmation with the Western Blot is recommended. I would be highly suspect of any health provider who claims to be able to diagnose Lyme disease, especially latent disease, based on symptoms alone. These symptoms could be caused by numerous other diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, or other chronic infections such as latent syphilis. Furthermore there is no evidence that any patient would expect to "get much worse" during treatment before she gets better. There is also no consensus on diagnostic criteria for post - Lyme syndrome, and the vast majority of patients are symptom free within 6 months of treatment. Unfortunately, the article did not outline specific symptoms, the timing of symptoms, or what work up she had here, nor by whom - all of which are important to give context. A headline that infers that it is not possible to get diagnostic testing for Lyme disease in PEI false and quite misleading.
Dr Thomas Bronaugh, MD


To correct the above person. The article first was discussing the lack of financial support for those of us that must seek treatment for medical treatment outside of the province when our condition cannot be properly diagnosed here on PEI. Second at no time did Ms Miller say Lyme was a virus if you read the article again she was misdiagnosed here on PEI and told after all her tests were normal that she must have some sort of virus. Again another Lyme patient repeatedly misdiagnosed because when a dr can’t find an answer the simplest diagnosis is virus. And to correct you once again the Elissa test is a generic antibodies screen and 70% of Lyme patients will test negative to this then do to their compromised immune system the only time they will do a wester blot here on PEI is IF the Elissa is positive and at that point it’s just a confirmation. Further still there are no labs here on PEI that can tell you wether you are dealing with bartonella or babessia infection or some other co infection. And as far as feeling worse before you get better on antibiotics unless you have ever been a Lyme patient I dare you to find any Lyme patient that has been ill for any significant length of time that doesn’t go through a die off phase of treatment for you medical professionals it’s called a herxiemers reaction maybe you should learn the word. And as far as not being able to recognize and treat patients with the disease without positive blood work news flash thank god we have specialists who have learned how to do just that because go back to your text books fibromyalgia and all those other disorders you mentioned do not respond to antibiotics period. If they do you are dealing with a bacterial infection hence antibiotics treatment. And last but not least you are about 10 years behind on your Lyme research there is chronic Lyme some cases have responded successfully to treatment after 15 years of pulsed therapy. Or go talk to the vet college they can fill you in on just how serious a disease this is and how hard it is to diagnose. It can potentially effect every system in your body. Currently our medical community is severely lacking in education in both diagnoses and treatment of the disease but I understand why and it’s because it has become an epidemic in both Canada and the US with over 300000 cases in Maine last year to somewhere around 30000 in NewBrunswick and I don’t have statistics for PEI except the names of at least 5 individuals who are currently confirmed and fighting the disease. I would encourage the public that when hiking in marshes and areas with tall grass to where long pants and socks and a deat based repelant also check yourself and your animals for tick after hikes and remove carefully with the head intact and if you suspect you have been bitten see your doctor for treatment as soon as possible. Some places you can still have ticks that have been removed so if that’s an option great. Hopefully this has filled some of the gaps or any confusion the above commenter felt was missing if I have plenty more answers feel free to ask.


Hello, I'm glad someone was paying attention to this topic, and I very much appreciate your comments. You give some important information, most of which I agree with. Prevention is critical indeed. I do agree that the standard 2-tier test is imperfect- no test is perfect, but all evidence points to it's reliability in ruling out (not ruling in) the diagnosis, especially when used correctly, in the setting of exposure in endemic areas, and symptoms consistent with acute lyme disease. In response to your comments, I spent 4 +hours researching the topic from well established, peer reviewed, current sources, and I feel much more informed now, but I could find no significant contradiction to my prior statements in general. I do sincerely hope that this patient and any other finds a remedy for any illness they may have, and I do believe the province should support the pursuit of treatment if it is well recognized as legitimate, safe and available. The facts in this case remain completely obscured, for obvious privacy concerns. I just don't want to see people pursue possibly dangerous and/or unproven treatment at great expense to themselves and their family. I would recommend you take a look at for the utmost in science-based and up to date information regarding LD and tick-borne illnesses, which as you rightly point out, are spreading rapidly, possibly due to climate change. Kind regards and I trust all can learn something of use here.


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