MacClure organ

The message found inside an organ owned since 1925 by Shirley MacClure’s family in Souris. Submitted photo

More information has come to light about a century-old message discovered inside an organ in O’Leary.

Ashley Young who was refurbishing an organ found the signature of a man who tuned the instrument in 1920.

Mr Young was hoping to find a descendant of Hector MacMillan of Fortune as told in a story in last week’s edition of The Eastern and West Prince Graphics.

After a conversation with former Fortune resident Colleen Jackson The Graphic has learned Mr MacMillan has no direct descendants.

Ms Jackson, 93, remembers the MacMillans. She said Hector, also known as Old Mac, had one son Arthur, but he died young.

Tucked away inside the keyboard area the inscription reads: (In God I trust) Tuned and repaired by Hector MacMillian Fortune Bridge Oct 4, 1920 (Age 65 years).

Mr Young had wondered whether organ tuning was something Mr MacMillan did for a living.

There is at least one other organ on PEI that bears the same message.

Shirley MacClure of Souris was reading last week’s story in the Graphic and recognized the In God I Trust.

“We had our heritage organ tuned in May 2018 so the back of the organ was all exposed,” Ms MacClure said. “The same name, Hector MacMillan and the same message “In God I Trust” was written on the back of our organ, dated March 1932.”

Ms MacClure was intrigued to learn the tuner lived just down the road from her grandparents, the organ’s original owners.

“The organ belonged to my grandparents Neil and Lottie Ross from Fortune Head (near Red House),” she said.”

“Grandma sent to Ontario for the Thomas organ for $40 in 1925.”

“Later it was at our home in Albion Cross (Harold and Marion (Ross) Matheson) and now we have it here at our home in Souris.”

Though it is now known Mr MacMillan does not have any direct descendants, Mr Young would still like to be contacted by anyone who is a relative.

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