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Erratic driving on Church Avenue at lunch time and in the early afternoon when school lets out have prompted two local organizations to contact Souris town officials and RCMP.

Many of the clients at Harbourview are residents at MacIntyre House, which is a short walk apart, but the men have to cross the street to get from one facility to the other.

Officials from both organizations say it is especially dangerous for their clients with intellectual disabilities. They expect traffic to be heavier during those times when a larger number of people leave Souris Regional. Their issue however, isn’t with the volume of traffic.

“Our concern is around the manner in which drivers are driving,” the complainants wrote in a letter to the town which was read at the November council meeting.

“On a daily basis we see drivers travelling at excessive speeds, driving recklessly (passing one another), and squealing tires.”

They are concerned for clients’ safety.

“They (staff) have started to let clients out at 2:45 or 3:15 pm. They won’t even attempt to let them walk home during that 3 o’clock span,” Councillor Ian MacDonald, who is also a board member of Harbourview Training Centre, said.

In some cases staff at Harbourview have been walking the residents of MacIntyre House right to their door.

While staff say they are happy to do this it interferes with the residents’ independence.

Kings District RCMP Staff Sergeant Darryl MacMullin said they have been made aware.

“I have made a point to go there at lunch time,” he said. “We were able to identify one driver and followed up with the (youth’s parent).”

Patrols have also been increased in the area.

The street is busy when school gets out, but Mayor Joanne Dunphy pointed out it is within a school zone and speed limits need to be followed.

But it isn’t just school traffic that is a concern. The mayor said there are several drivers around the town who engage in the poor driving behaviour on a regular basis.

Council also passed a motion to make an annual donation to the Souris Lions Club Christmas Box project in the amount of $500.

The contract for upcoming snow clearing by Chapman Bros Construction is $95,322.68. The contract with the provincial government for sand totals $9,316.66, up $491.19 from the previous year.

A Souris resident has made a plea for the second time for LaVie Avenue, a dead end street beside Souris Regional School, to be completed.

Two years ago Jeremy Chaisson, a resident living on that street made a request to council to finish the paving and put some type of turn-around at the end so large vehicles, such as buses and garbage trucks don’t have to turn in his driveway.

At that time council did engage with the province in hopes of sharing the cost of the work, but no follow-up was done.

After receiving a second letter from Mr Chaisson Monday night, council agreed to start the process of costing a solution.

The next regular council meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 14.

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