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In Georgetown Provincial Court on Thursday, February 11, Gerard Michael Blaisdell, 27 of Fortune Bridge, was sentenced to five days in jail after pleading guilty to breach of a stay-away order.

The court heard police were called to a residence in Souris where a car was blocking the entrance to a driveway. Upon arrival they found the accused driving the vehicle and in the passenger’s seat was the person whom he was to stay away from as indicated by an alternative measures agreement he had signed in the fall.

Both the crown and defense council recommended a conditional discharge to avoid Mr Blaisdell having a criminal record.

Judge Nancy Orr said it was in the public interest to sentence the accused to jail.

She pointed to the fact cases of breaching stay-away orders where a former relationship is involved come before the court all too often.

“When you are released on conditions they are expected to be followed,” Judge Orr said. “Whether you want contact or not, it is the public interest that counts.”

Judge Orr also noted Mr Blaisdell had the opportunity to avoid a criminal record when he entered into the alternative measures agreement in the first place.

In addition to jail time, Mr Blaisdell was ordered to pay a $100 Victims of Crime surcharge.


Melissa Anne Fraser, 40 of Eldon, pled guilty to causing a disturbance and was fined $500.

Police were called to a Montague parking lot on January 3. They encountered the accused who had gotten out of her vehicle and was yelling and screaming at a person in another vehicle.

She was also ordered to pay a $150 Victim of Crime surcharge.


Cassandra Leeanne MacMillan, 36 of Green Meadows, pled guilty to a charge of interference of lawful use and enjoyment of property (kayaks).

The little-used charge replaced possession of stolen property. However, Crown counsel said because police did not have a warrant when the property was seized it was agreed upon to change the charge after discussions with defense council.

The incident goes back to May 2020. Two kayaks went missing from a cottage after Ms MacMillan had rented it for the weekend.

At the time police questioned Ms MacMillan who said she would look into it. Fast forward to mid-October and the owner of the kayaks happened to see the watercraft in Ms MacMillian’s front yard while driving by one day. The owner again contacted police who attended the residence and finding no one at home took pictures. They compared them to pictures the owner had previously submitted and determined the kayaks were one and the same.

In November police again attended the accused’s residence and seized the kayaks without a warrant.

Judge Orr issued a suspended sentence with 18 months probation. Conditions of the probation include performing 80 hours of community service, a $100 Victim of Crime surcharge and no contact with the kayak owner.


Derek Lloyd MacPherson, 33 of St Mary’s Road, pled guilty to damage to property and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

The charges stem from two separate incidents.

On December 12, 2020 police were called to a Montague residence where witnesses stated Mr MacPherson had driven up on the lawn and had a confrontation with the victim.

He was arrested the next day and released on an undertaking to stay away from the victim.

However, on December 23 a witness told police they observed Mr MacPherson swerve towards the victim, who was walking on Wood Islands Hill in Montague.

Mr MacPherson was arrested and charged at the time with assault with a weapon. That charge was later changed to dangerous driving.

Sentencing was adjourned until February 18.


Sawan Kumar, 23 of Cornwall, pled guilty to failing to comply with the Highway Traffic Act and was fined $150. The charge replaced a charge of speeding after Mr Kumar agreed to forego a trial in the matter of a speeding ticket he received on December 14. Mr Kumar was driving 80 km/hr in Bridgetown in a 60 km zone.


Alexandra Elizabeth Ployer, 33 of Charlottetown, pled guilty to impaired driving.

On January 2 police were called to a single vehicle accident in St Teresa’s.

Upon arrival they found the accused being checked over by paramedics and there was a small child in a car seat inside the vehicle.

Police and paramedics both detected the odor of alcohol on Ms Ployer’s breath. She failed a roadside test and was taken to the Montague RCMP Detachment where two breathalyzer samples of 110 mg were taken.

Sentencing is scheduled to take place on February 25.

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