Paul MacNeill

Earlier this year, my girls and I attended our first drag show in Charlottetown, an event a courageous group of Island entertainers built into barrier busting, must-see theatre.

The Trailside shows are a wonderful example of a welcoming community - both those within the 2SLGBTQ+ community and those, like us, there to support and be entertained.

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Trump got elected by rallying the haters and fuelling their rage. It is common practice in all areas of life now. Lets not let the haters reduce our world to a climate of hatred and mistrust.

Ian Carter

Thanks for having the courage to call out racism and homophobia for what it is. It is a toxic reminder of the worst in Island history: angry, insecure men must never win.


Thank you for this Paul! Since moving back home after 23 years, my husband and I had the opportunity to attend 2 fantastic drag shows in Summerside....I was pleasantly surprised with the full house, and the reception the show received! The audience and the show was amazing and I can't wait to attend another, I so appreciate you voicing your opinion...we will never get there without allies like you leading the way! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Bob McKenna

I respect your opinion but my opinion is that I do not believe that children should be exposed to drag shows. And. for the same reason I am opposed to those adult men that participate in the Gay Pride parade in Toronto that parade totally naked. Why any parents would want to expose their children to this perversion is beyond me. If you want to celebrate I am on side with that just keep your clothes on. If you are a drag queen that is fine but don't expose your act to children.

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