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Editor: There are no real anti-vaxxers. There some who cannot, mostly for health reasons receive a vaccination. I am not talking about these persons. BUT there are many who have decided, though ignorance, or more commonly through the widespread misinformation on social media, (as real as Judge Judy) that no vaccine can offer them what they want, or do not want. On the negative side, if people could see that tomorrow without one little jab in the arm they, and their families, would be blinded, or have leprosy, painful cancers or the plague which killed everyone within hours - actually see it in their own families tomorrow, would they have the vaccine?

Sorry, no offense meant to any persons in these groups. I also suffer from serious health problems, but I had to pick some obvious ones as you will see by the following.

A number of years ago I had a discussion with a Grade 5 class. I asked the students what they would do if they were in a western gun fight and were hit in the hand in a shoot-out. One student, speaking for several, said he would use the other hand to shoot. I then pointed out to the class that I had my fingers placed between the heavy classroom door and the frame. I asked them how they would feel, in my situation, if someone walked by and decided to slam the door shut. They cringed and said it would really, really hurt. We discussed the differences between an imagined severe pain (a gunshot to the hand) or the visible pain of my fingers getting smashed in the door. One real, visible pain, versus an imagined pain. Here we have the question: is the serious pain or painful death by COVID worth a tiny vaccination against it? Would that hurt? Imagined pain versus real-life pain or a painful death?

Not a real scenario? Watch the real news in Canada; CBC, Global, ATV, or in the USA - serious news, not CNN or some wacko on Facebook who wants to save your life with Draino. Get someone in your family to inject Draino. After watching them you do it.

Now, if we looked at the plus side ... if someone could have, or be what they wanted (without hurting others) by a small jab in the arm would they do it?

They could choose to be a billionaire or the world’s best quarterback, a basketball star, the world’s best racing driver. They could be the president, a movie star, the best rifle shot, the world’s most famous person, the world’s funniest comedian, the world’s most beautiful person, whatever they wanted, (again, without hurting others). Would they take a small jab in the arm to have their pick?

I can tell you there would be very few anti-vaxxers. This is not an imagined war about disease and death versus you walking around with a sign - life. No matter what it says on the sign.

So, why are there anti-vaxxers? Because people see what they and their families have now and don’t see the suffering and death of the imagined. The imagined COVID, especially with its new strains, is impossible it would happen to them. Only to others. Don’t forget, you are somebody else’s others.

Just look at the numbers: in the USA over 680,000 people have died. In Canada, that would be erasing Edmonton, Winnipeg or Vancouver from the map. As in Canada and many countries, the sick and dying are in the hallways, childrens’ wards, everywhere in hospitals. Doctors and nurses have to decide who will live and who will die. Is that real enough? It can’t be you, you have your freedom.

Perhaps you should have to show proof of vaccination to be allowed in the hospital. Or, use your personal freedom and just tough it out - it’s not that serious, you even fought against getting vaccinated for personal freedom.

Personally, since I probably don’t know you, believe whatever you want. But, from what we do know, in the real world please don’t give me, or anyone, COVID. It is real, not imagined.

That’s what real personal freedom is.

Thank you

Gary Walker,

North Rustico

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