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Murray Harbour council’s shout-out for donations of lobster traps was answered in abundance and the collection has been transformed into a seasonal theme-tree towering 20-22 feet in height beside the wharf in the village.

The response for Christmas lights, ribbons, bows, extension cords, cash donations and what have you, equaled and in most instances, surpassed the organizer’s expectations.

Now council has a couple more asks in anticipation of the festive bows and lights being strung from the tree and plugged in .

One ask is an open invitation to the public to add buoys in memory or in honour of someone special to them. Waterproof marker/paint can be used to decorate the buoy and add a name if you wish. As a safety precaution members of council will attach the buoys to the tree. They can be dropped off at the community centre.

Many hands from all around, including councillors, helped build the tree which is made up of just over 100 lobster traps. It will be a permanent fixture and will be decorated accordingly as occasions such as Easter roll around.

There will be an official tree lighting at 5:30 pm on Friday, December 4. Hot chocolate will be provided.

Councillor Carol White said she couldn’t believe the positive response the village has gotten from all over.

“People are looking forward to it. We have been talking about this for awhile and now it’s real.”

The tree is similar to one erected by the Town of Tignish in Prince County in 2018.

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