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Why shouldn’t I have a new lawn tractor to mow the grass? That’s a question I keep asking myself. The lawn at our place is not huge, but at the same time it’s not small, and there are a couple of inclines, the likes of which fool you with their steepness. I’m also no spring chicken anymore, and walking and golfing, and walking and mowing the lawn are two different things. In golf, you have built-in rest stops, with the lawn you’re pushing a 30 pound weight. Up and down. Back and forth. Side to side.

The problem is I appear to be the only member of the household keen to take this next lawn beautification step. Some are downright against it. So, I came up with a list of the pros and cons of getting a ride-on mower to support my cause.


Boys love toys. The lawn would be cut more frequently. Perhaps every day.

Less wear and tear on my body and that trick knee of mine.

Better fuel economy than the current lawn mower.

Opens up more time for other lawn and garden maintenance.

Potential to start a new small business.

Purchase helps the economy and supports local business.


None that I can think of.

The question now is how to get one. Notice the cons said ‘none that ‘I’ can think of’. Others can come up with a lot of reasons why it’s not necessary. But I have to keep asking myself if these reasons are valid. My answer is no. Just because I want a lawn tractor, does not mean I’m lazy. It appears that is a hard stigma to overcome.

One thought is to suggest buying a boat. Of course the answer to that would be a hard no. However, it opens the door to me saying ‘well if we can’t get a boat, how about a lawn tractor?’ Same would apply if I suggested buying a small aircraft. “Well, if I can’t get an airplane, how about a lawn tractor?”

The tractor I was secretly exploring online comes with a free trailer. (In the future, please remind me to always close the screen on the computer before Heather comes home ). This is where I think I can hit the jackpot. It was clear to me that getting a lawn tractor to mow just our lawn, was not going to cut it. (Pun intended). So I had to come up with a strategy that utilized the mower, the trailer and cutting more than just our lawn.

Then, like a special delivery you were never expecting, another lawn tractor revelation struck like a bolt of lightning. “You know, I could also mow your parent’s lawn every week as well.” Start the engine and put on those noise cancelling headphones!

However, my lightning bolt idea was greeted with less enthusiasm than planned. Much less, depressingly less. In fact zero enthusiasm. Seems not everyone likes a tractor gliding over their lawn and begrudgingly I have to admit, I can see that. I feel I’m at a dead end. What to do? What to do? Hmmmm.

Why shouldn’t I have a new set of golf clubs?

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Go electric. I save 100s of $$$/year, spend 1/4 the time cutting grass and have a weed-free lawn simply by cutting grass much higher. The longer you let grass grow the less costly it is. I don't water, fertilize, aerate or apply weedkiller at all. Search "34", $100, 20 lb Triple Weed Whacker Lawnmower".

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