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I believe the education system does not adequately teach students the necessary skills to think critically and make decisions about the issues that can and will affect our future.

In school, math equations, formulas, and memorization is taught. Don’t get me wrong, we’re very fortunate to have access to this information, however, we aren’t taught about relevant issues in our world, how to do things such as taxes, how to make car or house payments, or how to make our own decisions relating to these issues. The school should take advantage of having students’ attention for more than 30 hours a week and use this to help prepare for the years after high school.

We are in school until we are 18 years old which means, for most, we are still living with our parents. Our parents affect and influence our decisions every day. When we graduate we are expected to know right from wrong and make our own decisions regarding important topics? How are we expected to know these things if they aren’t taught? 

According to the YouthTruth Survey (United States), over 165,000 students were surveyed regarding their readiness for life after high school and 55 per cent said they do not feel prepared enough. The education system needs to make these skills a necessity to be taught in schools. Why wait for more stressed teenagers to be impacted by things the education system should’ve taken care of years ago? 

Jenny Chaisson,

Grade 10, Souris

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