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Although Islanders may think it right, or funny, that visitors have to pay to return to the mainland if they do not have the appropriate vaccination or arrival permits this raises a serious question.

Do un-vaccinated or non-approved persons turned away from crossing any other provincial border have to pay anything? After all, the Confederation Bridge is a part of the Trans-Canada Highway.

We can laugh and consider these individuals ignorant, but once past the half-way point on the bridge they are in fact on the Island, and there is no turning around on the bridge. Why should they have pay to be on the Trans-Canada Highway? What happens if they refuse or can’t pay? Ignorance of approved provincial rules is a problem, but should travellers (some Islanders) have to pay to be turned back from PEI?

We can feel smug about them not knowing the rules, but why make them pay? They have been refused entry. If this happens at other border crossings they will have to turn around, or sleep in their cars, or whatever. Here they will have to pay for our refusal to accept them.

We have thrown open the door to other Canadians, and somewhat happily - Americans - who may think they may be able to explain things once on PEI, or who thought they were well protected, or for whatever reason which we will not accept. One cannot enter PEI without the proper paperwork. This is our very reasonable response to the COVID pandemic. Not being allowed to enter PEI without the required proofs is a legitimate request; being forced to pay after refusal is Canada’s problem.

Yes, I completely agree with our entrance regulations. But in reality the only real winner here is Strait Crossing.

Gary Walker,

North Rustico

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