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Cheryl White - Murray River

"It’s an excellent idea because you could go in some place and if they don’t have their vaccines, they’re putting you in danger. The only thing is what if somebody doesn’t have a cellphone (to scan a code)? What do they do? (Showing a piece of paper) would be a lot more convenient for seniors."

Heather Stubbings 4thWEBSITE.jpg

Heather Stubbings - Montague

"I’ve got no problem with it and I’ll be glad when the QR code comes out. It’s going to take awhile for every place to get the hang of doing it, especially small restaurants."

Ian Lund 3rdWEBSITE.jpg


Ian Lund - Fort Augustus

"I don’t think we need it. It’s kind of a privacy thing but it might speed up things at the bridge and the airport. When we fly in here, you have to show you’ve got your two vaccinations so what’s the difference with people (asking) if you’ve got a passport or not? The government’s going to push it anyway."

John Meney 5thWEBSITE.jpg


John Meney - Charlottetown

"It’s the best of the worst (options). If and when you do get COVID, you’ve got a better chance if you get the needle. Whereas if you don’t get it, your chances, according to the experts, are pretty slim."

Karen Norton 2ndWEBSITE.jpg


Karen Norton - Montague

"It’s a good idea. It proves you’re vaccinated. That’s what it’s all about, right? Get people vaccinated."

The PEI Vax Pass went into effect October 5 and will be required to enter many non-essential businesses or gatherings.

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Josh, did you even try to find people who are against it for your "journalism"?? There are so many people in eastern PEI standing against this, you can't throw a rock without finding someone.. I had thanksgiving dinner with about 30 of them yesterday. Stop calling yourselves journalists, you are opinion piece writers and you find other people with the same opinion as you, compile that and call it "journalism".

Josh Lewis Staff
Josh Lewis

I went out and stopped random people on the street and wrote down their answers. That is what journalists do. Just because the answers don't align with your opinion doesn't mean there was any attempt to skew the results.

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