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On Thursday, April 29, the PEI Women’s Institute Board (PEIWI) is bringing awareness on friendship through an international virtual walk while highlighting the efforts for Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW).

PEIWI will be showcasing their membership with ACWW through its annual Women Walk the World event with an overall aim this year to bring attention to the importance of friends.

Participants from across PEI are invited to walk, invite others, submit pictures and promote the event using #WIfriends online or by sending to PEIWI at wi@gov.pe.ca for a chance to win prizes. Submit names of those walking, from your branch or community. Prizes are especially designed using ACWW Tree of Friendship jewelry. Winners will be announced during the provincial convention.

Sheila MacLean, PEIWI board member and convener for International Affairs states “Women’s Institute branches are an integral part of communities, and in addition to service, are able to promote friendship to prevent social isolation for rural women.” The goal of Prince Edward Island Women’s Institute is to engage members of the public to participate in this walk, and help make a difference in ACWW and on PEI through promoting the walk and inviting others.

As this walk is world-wide, women and their families will be connected virtually across the globe to bring attention to friendship. “Last year’s theme was global food security and as the pandemic continues it’s more important than ever to reach out and include others” says MacLean.

WI board members may be spotted in Victoria Park in Charlottetown on the 29th, and is hoping others will walk across various favorite locations across PEI. To adhere to provincial health office guidelines participants are asked to use any location of their choice and adhere to current health directives.

Marie Kenny, WI member from PEI, and Chair of the United Nations Committee for ACWW, elaborated “the Associated Country Women of the World was formed in 1929 to bring together rural women’s organization in friendship and sharing of knowledge. As the organization developed, it was recognized first by the League of Nations Nutrition Committee, then by the UN as having specialist expertise on rural issues.”

Today, ACWW uses this status with the UN to amplify the voices of rural women, bringing to light the issues they face and promoting the solutions they raise. ACWW also funds small-scale, women-led projects in developing countries. Donations can be made online at www.acww.org.uk.

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