Joel VanderSchaaf

World Potato Congress Inc. December 2021 Webinar entitled "Little Potatoes & TPS: Good Things Come in Small Packages" will be held December 14.

The webinar, which begins at 10 a.m. Atlantic time, will feature Joel VanderSchaaf, General Manager, Tuberosum Technologies Inc. Little potatoes are the fastest growing market segment for fresh potatoes in North America and are gaining interest around the world.

True Potato Seed (TPS) is a burgeoning technology that has gained significant momentum amongst the potato research community. How do these two seemingly unrelated developments actually have a synergistic role to play in meeting new market demographics and the challenges of world food security?

Joel VanderSchaaf has been involved in the potato industry for over 20 years, having hands on experience in almost every stage of the potato industry from breeding, to production, to packing, to marketing. Working closely with his father, Jacob VanderSchaaf and sister Angela Santiago, who founded The Little Potato Company (LPC) and Tuberosum Technologies Inc (Tuberosum) in 1995, Joel is helping bring small and specialty potatoes to the North American consumer.

After working at LPC and various production farms affiliated with LPC, Joel began work at Tuberosum in 2009. He is currently General Manager of Tuberosum and helps facilitate the execution of Tuberosum’s cutting edge breeding programs, research and variety introduction.

Register in advance for this webinar by using Following registration for this webinar, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

The Congress has also announced several sessions planned for 2022. The January session will feature Liam Glennon, Chairman, Organizing Committee, World Potato Congress 2022, Dublin, Ireland presenting "Introducing the World Potato Congress in Dublin." The February and March webinars will feature Dr. Denis Griffin from TEAGASC, Ireland and the April session will be led by Robert Graveland of HZPC.

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