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“Alberton-the eighth annual Alberton Aquatic Sports Day, sponsored by Alberton and West Prince Board of Trade, will be held July 31 at Kildare Bridge, original site for the event, and will have several innovations from past years. Present plans are to expand the sports day into a complete afternoon and evening of entertainment.”

The Guardian,” 22 July 1963.

“A recent meeting of the aquatic committee returned the aquatic events to Kildare following two years at Alberton harbour where rough seas and high winds hampered the outboard racing, water skiing and other classes. Besides the three-mile swim, sponsored by Eastern Bakeries, Ltd of Saint John, there will be swimming classes for all, a tourist swim, water skiing and outboard races. Arrangements are being made for an exhibition of scuba diving and swimming.”

“Water Polo, a chicken barbeque and a mammoth street dance in Alberton during the evening will wind up the day’s activities. The last time a street dance was held in the town was a long-remembered celebration on 6 September 1938 when the town’s Main Street was first paved.”

“The three-mile swim was won last year by Morgan Mitchell of Charlottetown who is entered next Saturday in the Northumberland Strait swim. Helen Carragher of Miminegash, a Red Cross swimming instructor, was first in the ladies’ division.”

Alberton’s Aquatic Day Will Have Innovations, “The Guardian,”

31 July 1963.

“Alberton-Aquatic Day Sports will get underway this afternoon at 1:30. The event will be officially opened by A T Parkes, manager of the Maritime Provinces Board of Trade, and other speakers will be present.”

“This year the event will take place at Kildare Bridge, the site where it was initiated in 1955. The three-mile swim from Montrose to Kildare Bridge, sponsored by Eastern Bakeries, Ltd, will again be the outstanding event in the day’s program. For the first time a course has been marked out with buoys and this should prove a great help to the swimmers. Alan Burke and Donald MacInnis of Charlottetown, two newcomers, have officially entered the competition and Morgan Mitchell of Charlottetown, last year’s winner, and Raja Gopal of Alberton, another newcomer, have indicated that they intended to compete.”

New Feature

“A new feature in connection with the short swimming competitions is that there will be two sets of awards. One set will be awarded to winners in the open competitions, and the other set will go to leading contestants in the same competitions who reside in Prince County. It is hoped that this arrangement will encourage more local swimmers to participate.”

“It is anticipated that at least a dozen boats will be entered in the exciting outboard motor races. Water skiing will be another thrilling event and there will be a demonstration of scuba diving.”

“The committee is happy to announce that Mrs. Harry Cudmore and other experts in swimming and water safety will be present to assist in carrying out the program and in making the day a safe and happy one for all concerned.”

“Previously, Aquatic Day has terminated when the program of water sports was concluded. Not so this year. A chicken barbecue, at the bridge, will begin at 5 o’clock. In the evening there will be a mammoth dance on Alberton’s main street with music by ‘The Shamrocks.”

“Chairman of the aquatic committee is Andy Wells.”

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