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Alberton Town Council would like to move the post office boxes from their current location next to the town office to in behind the building, next to the parking lot, off the street. The concern is the boxes pose a safety risk to residents at their current location. The change in location likely won’t happen until September or October, but council plans on pushing the issue to possibly try and get them installed sooner. Jillian Trainor photo

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Alberton council is hoping to move the postal boxes from their current location next to the town hall to just in behind the building, where the parking lot is.

“I think it’s a safety issue where they’re at, and they need to be moved somewhere,” said Councillor Mary Jean O’Brien during council’s monthly meeting in June. “That’s a good solution, because they’re in off the street.”

During this month’s council meeting on July 12, Alberton’s chief administrative officer, noted she contacted Canada Post, and there was no issue with the change in location.

“We talked, and I sent him pictures of where we want to put it, out here by our driveway, and just put kind of a pull in spot,” said Donna Thomson. “He said it probably won’t happen until September or October, just the way the crews are set up.”

Ms Thomson also contacted the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure to ensure it’s possible to put in a spot to where drivers can pull in to pick up their mail, but hasn’t heard back yet.

Coun O’Brien has concerns about waiting until the fall for the change to take place.

“We’ve got at least 20 more elderly people moving in within the next three to four months, I think it’s a big issue, and I think they should be looking at it sooner,” she said. “We’ve identified it as a safety issue for elderly people in the community. They’re stopping on the side of the road, and opening their cars, and walking into traffic.”

Ms Thomson said she tried to press Canada Post on the timing, but was told crews who install the postal boxes are scheduled, but council can push the issue to have them installed sooner.

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