Charging station

Alberton council has decided on the fee structure for the new electric vehicle charging station that was recently installed within the town. Graphic file photo

After a brief debate during Alberton’s monthly meeting in November, town council have settled the price of its new electric vehicle charging station.

During the meeting, Donna Thomson, the town’s chief administrative officer, disclosed the rate options she received from Maritime Electric. One option was a fixed rate, meaning the driver would pay a fee for the session, but this option had a drawback.

“They find when you go with that, people just leave it plugged in, and after it’s fully charged, it’s still plugged in,” she said. “Then after it’s fully charged it’s still plugged in and taking up the charger.”

A second option, the one chosen by council, was an hourly rate, where the driver pays per hour, or per minute, similar to a parking meter. This option gives more of an incentive to disconnect once a car has been fully charged.

Another option proposed was an escalating price charge. With this option, one price is charged when a vehicle reaches a full charge, and another typically higher charge is applied after that for however long the vehicle is plugged into the charging station. This option requires users to have an account, and quickly dismissed by council.

“Then there’s minimum/maximum fee procession, which is an hourly rate with a minimum connection fee or maximum upset rate no matter how long they are plugged in,” said Ms Thomson. “You can also set it up for driver groups. For example, if we had an electric vehicle in our fleet, we could set it up and plug in the information that it could charge for free.”

Ms Thomson said the charging fee for the hourly rate was based on calculations in other areas. In Charlottetown, for example, the fee is two dollars an hour. After a discussion, council decided to go with the charging rate of two dollars per hour.

The electric vehicle charging station was installed at the end of October in the parking lot area between Church and Poplar Street.

The two spots are located next to the gazebo on the Poplar Street side.

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