PEI’s vax pass came into effect this week.

That means some businesses, services and events will require individuals to show proof of vaccination to enter their establishments.

Other provinces have already introduced similar measures, with the policies varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Here on PEI, the government’s list where proof of vaccination is required is long and even longer are the places that don’t require proof of vaccinations.

It’s bound to be confusing.

For those places where proof of vaccination is required, a dedicated individual will have to perform a visual check of a person’s vaccination record and a photo ID matching the person’s name. In a time when businesses are facing labour shortages, that’s going to be difficult for some establishments.

Apparently, an app is being developed that will make the process faster. In the meantime, people need to remember that employees are simply doing what is being asked of them by the government and be patient and kind when this process begins.

But the question is, are these vaccine passports necessary? They didn’t have to be.

If governments had taken the threat of this virus seriously from the beginning, then maybe we wouldn’t find ourselves in this situation. And if individuals had taken the responsibility of getting vaccinated seriously, then maybe we wouldn’t find ourselves in this situation.

It’s the unvaccinated who are ending up in the hospital if they are unfortunate enough to contract COVID-19. Those vaccinated who end up having breakthrough cases still get sick, but the symptoms are not as severe and they don’t require hospitalization.

Isn’t that evidence enough that these vaccines are effective and those who are eligible to get vaccinated should?

In France, when they announced their own vaccine passport policy, that country saw an uptake in people getting the vaccine. Maybe a similar trend will happen across Canada now that provinces here are introducing similar measures.

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