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If there is ever a time in the year when the majority of people are busier than usual it is now. Had a guy in the gym today that logged in over 90 hours at work this week. Many of our members are 70 plus hours this time of year in the fishing and farming industries.

For some one who usually trains 4 to 5 times a week most of the year adjustments have to be made. It most cases it would be detrimental to try and maintain the same training schedule while working these hours. Something would suffer and it would probably be recovery time for the body.

Far better to adjust your training to something more manageable while you are this busy. The usual 4 to 5 days a week are geared towards goals and improvement. Scale back somewhat with your training frequency until your workload returns to normal.

If you train a couple of days a week on the right schedule you can maintain the higher level of fitness you have previously worked hard for and achieved.

What works best when you can only hit the weights a couple of days a week are basic compound movements for the larger muscles. This would be the legs, back and chest muscles. No need to spend time and effort on the smaller shoulder, core and arm muscles when you don’t have the time and energy reserves to do so. When you are hitting the larger muscles on a maintenance workout the smaller muscles will receive stimulation too.

Here would be an example of a great workout you could do with a window of a couple of days a week for an hour each time. After a warm up of typical lighter sets do 4 hard sets of 8-15 on squats followed by 3-4 hard sets of 8 –10 rep deadlifts. Follow this with 5 sets of body weight chins to failure. Same with dips for chest. By doing this workout you are intensely hitting the major muscles along with the smaller auxiliary muscles. The squats and deads will also stimulate the core. The chins and dips will stimulate the shoulders and arms.

Twice a week, in and out in an hour to an hour and a half and keep those hard won gains until you have more time to set and reach higher goals.

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