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“On 12 October 1890, Prince Edward Island was visited by a great gale with unsurpassed downpours of heavy rain. Many schooners were caught in the raging seas - several driven ashore or wrecked. At Northport, P.E.I. just south of Alberton, the schooner ‘Annie Florence’ with Joseph Peters, Master, lies high and dry where she was driven ashore by the Gale on Sunday (October 12th), after parting chains and losing both anchors.” - Daily Examiner, October 17, 1890

The ‘Annie Florence’ arrived off Northport on Saturday morning, but could not enter the channel on account of the absence of some of the outer buoys, which had been driven ashore by the storm on the previous Monday. The vessel brought from Summerside 30 fat cattle and 25 lambs for T. P. Lowther, who was on board, and there was another man besides Captain Peters. Finding the wind increasing they put the cattle overboard, and let them swim ashore, about half a mile distant, and took the lambs in the boat.

The Captain and Mate stood by the vessel until Sunday morning at 7 o’clock, when they pulled for shore in their boat, which was swamped on the way, but they managed to cling to it, and were wafted ashore. P. R. Parker of Summerside is managing owner of the vessel. The important question as to why the buoys had not been replaced at the entrance of Northport harbour calls for explanation.

Driven ashore at Hardy’s Channel

The barkentine ‘Cleopatra’ was driven ashore on the bar at Hardy’s Channel, Lot 11, on Tuesday afternoon (October 14th), and has become a total wreck. The ‘Cleopatra’ is registered in Buenos Ayers, Argentina, and was loaded with 168 ‘standard’ of deals at Miramichi, N.B. and bound for the Old Country. She is a craft of 498 tons, and will be sold for the benefit of all concerned on Tuesday next. She is in charge of Augustus Callaghan of Lot 11, and her crew, three of whom swam ashore with great difficulty, are boarding at David Milligan’s, of the same place.”

“Men are engaged collecting the wreckage, who will give an account of the same to Mr. William Hopgood, Receiver of Wrecks and sub-Collector of Customs at Port Hill. The crew were all saved. Some of whom have been engaged by Hon. John Yeo to go as seamen in his new vessel to England.”

“The schooner “Josephine’, Captain McLean, went ashore at River John, N.S. during the gale of Sunday last. She was loaded with tanbark, bound for Pictou, N.S. At about noon on Sunday, in the midst of the storm, she bore up and came to anchor under the lea of Cape John, and at six o’clock she parted her chains and was swept ashore. All hands were saved. The vessel was owned by Capt. McLean and Mr. Henry Vickerson. She is almost high and dry.”

Man overboard at Lot 7 - Daily Examiner, October 14,1890

The schooner ‘Restive’, with Captain Thomas Walsh, arrived at Summerside this morning (October 14th), having experienced the full fury of the recent Gale, sustained damages, and lost a man overboard. She was from Chapelin, Bay Chaleur, N.B., loaded with ties for the P.E.I. Railway. During the heavy squalls of Sunday, her boat was carried away and mainsail shattered. One of her anchors was also lost. After the loss of the boat and mainsail, and while off Lot 7 shore, one of the men onboard, Charles Rice of St, Mary’s, near Montague Bridge, was swept overboard on part of the deck-load. It was utterly impossible, in the disabled condition of the schooner, and the awful sea, to save him. He was a young man about twenty years of age. A messenger was sent this afternoon from the telephone office at Montague Bridge to break the sad news to his family and friends.

The ‘Restive’ came to anchor off Summerside on Sunday evening.

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