Nancy MacMillan has been involved with the WRSRC board since the council was created back in 2004. Melissa Heald photo

Nancy MacMillan is the current board president of the Western Region Sport and Recreation Council (WRSRC). Ms MacMillan has been involved with the board since the council was created back in 2004. The WRSRC is all about encouraging residents of western PEI to lead a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, sports and recreation programs/activities/events. It covers areas from Tignish to Miscouche.

How did you become involved with the Western Region Sport and Recreation Council?

I’ve always been involved with sport and recreation. At that time, in 2004, we were the West Prince Sport and Recreation Council and now we are the western region. I got recruited, as did the rest of the board members, mainly because of my background in sports I suspect.

Why did you want to become involved with WRSRC?

Our mission statement is promoting healthy, active, wellness lifestyles and that’s how I pretty much tried to live my life. It’s about advocating that same thing in our communities and hoping for a healthier community.

How long have you been with the council?

I was on the committee that wrote the document that drives us today and from there, I started on the board, so that’s around 2004-2005. I was the first president and then I stepped away after a couple of years, not from the board, but from the presidency, and then I just recently returned as the president.

What does it mean to be the president of the board council?

I represent a board of directors, who guides our executive director. We are basically an advisory board. My role is to lead that board.

What is the Western Region Sport and Recreation Council?

So, it’s a lot of things. It’s primarily made up of different types of programming. We try to target all age groups, both genders, all cultures, I think we are pretty inclusive. We offer a lot of programming in the community. Our programs are mostly geared to the recreational as supposed to minor hockey, which is like an organized sport. We do Try events, like Try Hockey, Try Kayaking, Try Pickleball, Try Curling, to try and get people engaged in those sports they might not otherwise have. Over the years there’s just been a lot of different programming going on and we primarily go into regions that don’t have a recreation director... Evangeline doesn’t have a recreation director, but we have board representatives from that area, and they bring their needs to us and we try to meet their needs.

What is the objective of the WRSRC?

It is to support and promote healthy, active, wellness opportunities in our communities and in our peoples. We recently became involved with advocating for better hiking trails in the region.

What has the council meant for the region?

I personally feel that it has created a great awareness about the need for healthy, active lifestyles. I use hockey, because that’s my background, for an example. With the Try Hockey, the minor hockey programs have gained from that because the child will try it and then like it and then move on. It’s a pretty safe environment for them to be involved with and get started... I think what it has done it has gotten people to think about doing other things instead of just sitting on the couch and watching TV. There’s so much more out there to do.

What has it been like for you to be on the council?

I think it’s been good. I’ve met a lot of people and have been made more aware of a lot of programs that has led me to try different things.

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