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“The need for an indoor rink for the Tignish, P.E.I. area stressed, promised and planned for by the Tignish Sports Recreation Association, during the past three years, is now nearing reality and the first steps of construction of the building will commence the first week of November under the Federal Winter Works Program.” - The Guardian, October 24,1964

Work starts on new rink

Tignish - With just two weeks away from the starting date for erecting an enclosed rink for the Tignish area, volunteer workers are busy with last minute preparations to have the project started on time. Workers have been transferring the stored lumber from the property of Mrs. William MacLeod to the new rink site on Phillips Street. Kenneth McRae is chairman of the building committee and Henry Arsenault is building foreman.

A full report on the progress to date was given at the annual meeting of the Sports Recreation Association that was held in the Regional High School on the evening of October 22. This report was presented by the retiring president, John Gavin. In a most encouraging report, the president complimented the work carried on by the Board of Directors during the past year. The Board is comprised of Gerald Keough, David Harper, Rev. Floyd McGaugh, Alcide Boudreault, Robert Keough, Russell Perry, Wilson Shea, Mrs. Reg Eldershaw and John Gavin.

Variety of Sports and

Recreation Activities

The Association was complimented for having the largest number participate in numerous competitions at Charlottetown. Aquatic sports day, centennial lobster bonanza and picnic, entertainment during the summer holidays for youth and a Centennial Walkathon for people over thirty-five years of age all helped to keep the Association active. Hockey coaches from Tignish and swimming instructors took training during the year. Phillip Harper held various classes for elementary school students during the winter teaching them the fundamentals of skating and hockey.

Nine acres of land was purchased during the year. The land includes a baseball diamond and track and field track. This land also has ample room for the new closed-in rink, parking lots and driveways. Aubin Gallant, chairman of the finance committee, reported on the success of the membership campaign. Kenneth McRae chairman of the building committee, and Henry Arsenault rink building foreman reported on the steps they planned to follow concerning the erection of the new rink. The lumber is onsite and the steel trusses are on order.

Rev. Clare MacDonald complimented the Association highly on the wonderful work done during the past three years to make a new enclosed rink a reality. ‘The work,’ he said, ‘first became familiar to him through the press. An indoor rink is the only solution,’ he said, ‘and it needs the backing of the whole community for the betterment of the youth of Tignish.

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