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Weight training cannot always be about getting stronger, leaner or more muscular. If any of these are your only goal what are you going to train for when you reach your potential or your goal?

While these are all great reasons for hitting the Iron you have to look at the bigger picture.

Here are some tips to keep you training for life.

1) Staying motivated and hungry are paramount. If you enjoy the workouts and the intense training you will look forward to the sessions. You will want to rather than thinking you have to. Find your triggers to keep you wanting to train.

2) Train smart. While lack of motivation puts a lot of people out of the game, injuries do the same. It is a fine line between intense training to foster results and overdoing it and getting injured. Walk the line but don’t cross it. Be kind to your joints. Joint injuries when young will come back to haunt you in later years.

3) Don’t train every day or for hours at a time. Better to train 3-5 days a week and always want more than every day and get too much of a good thing. Keep the mind hungry-the body will follow.

4) Make friends in the gym and fitness lifestyle. If your training also involves your friends and/or family it becomes part of your social life too. Just don’t make it too social on the gym floor. You are there to train first-chat before or after.

5) While you can have tunnel vision for increases strength, muscle mass, leanness, cardio endurance etc. you also have to put health first. Hard to be at your physical best if you are not healthy. Eat good, get your rest and recovery, reduce stress.

6) Take a few days off every couple of months. You will not lose your hard earned gains, the few days will help with recovery and you will be super motivated to start back after a short scheduled layoff.

7) Always have goals. If you have reached your strength potential, or your goal for weight loss, set new goals. Have a goal of super pumps on the muscles, bettering the mind muscle connection, getting the workout high that only experienced lifters achieve. Always have a goal. Betters the workouts.

8) Have fun. You bet I take my training serious but at the same time we have fun between sets. Short chats, friendly competitions and when its my turn I give 100%....100% of the time.

9) Vary your workouts but don’t stray too far from the basics. If you get away from compound exercises for the muscles or standard weight training principals you will lose strength, muscle density and possibly endurance. Vary the reps as need be. 8-10 may be the standard but high rep sets are great too as long as the intensity is there. Helps keep it fresh

10) Adjust as you get older. Theory has it that as we age we lose muscle mass, flexibility, joint integrity, 02 capacity. Train hard and smart to slow the process as much as possible. It works!

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