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This is my advice for anyone starting a New Years fitness plan.


This year I am not going to get over enthusiastic and try and train every day of the week when I start. This can quickly take the edge off my training and I will lose my desire to go to the gym. I am going to make the time three to four days a week and will then look forward to those training days.

This year I am not going to get disappointed after two or three weeks because I am not seeing progress. I now realize that progress is in the form of getting in, getting the workouts done, sticking with it. THIS is the progress and getting in better shape is a direct result of my progress. All good things take time.

This year I am not going to try every fitness fad and class that comes along, yet stick with none. I am going to research what works and what does not and train in the best way to get the results I want.

This year I will not “train in vain” because my terrible choices in nutrition practically nullify any progress I made with my training.

This year I am going to give it 110%. I am going to train hard, train smart and use my gym training time wisely and efficiently. I will learn the difference between going through the motions or reaping the rewards.

This year I have a NEVER QUIT attitude. I realize there will be days I cannot train for family, work, sickness reasons but I will not quit. I am a beginner and it is too easy to quit...to not go. This year I will get to that point in my mind and lifestyle where it is harder to miss a workout than not to. Then I have arrived.

This year I will give back. When I feel I have learned and progressed enough to be a mentor to someone I will become one. I will encourage and support someone who was where I was with my fitness.

This year I will take a different approach and look at training different. It is not a chore, a job, a necessary evil. It is a personal challenge and a privilege. It will be part of my self improvement and social time. I will get to spend time with like minded individuals with a common goal of being there best.

This year I want it, I want it bad. I want better health, more energy, more strength, more stamina, my ideal weight, and all that comes with training. I want it bad enough that I will make it happen and next year I will not be starting all over again.

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