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The Town of O’Leary is looking to continue with building new sidewalks in the community.

Over the summer, the town added sidewalks on Water Street and Community Street. The budget for the project was just over $343,000. Around $187,000 of that came from PEI’s Active Transportation Fund.

Now the town is applying to the provincial funding again to help with additional sidewalk construction, looking to add some on Park View Street.

This sidewalk project could be ‘quite expensive’ as it will involve filling in ditches, mentioned town CAO Bev Shaw.

“You will have to get an engineer to come in again and tell us what needs to be done and the numbers that we need to make applications to get the financing and do the tendering,” she said during council’s meeting on Sept 8.

At the corner of Community Street onto Park View the sidewalk stops abruptly and right into a ditch.

Ms Shaw said the engineer had designed the sidewalk that way for a reason.

“They expected we would be going to go for more money this year and continue on,” said Ms Shaw, adding town maintenance plans to set up a temporary barrier in that spot for safety.

Council will need to decide if they will only build a sidewalk going from the corner of Community Street just to the Canadian Potato Museum or the entire length of Park View right up to Main Street.

Councillor Darren MacKinnon suggested the town get two quotes on what it will cost to build from the corner of Community Street to the museum as well as a cost for doing the entirety of Park View.

“If it’s reasonable to do the street then do the whole street, if not, do just to the museum,” he said.

Councillor Darrel Wood made a motion that the town hire an engineer firm to come up with a cost for the Park View Street sidewalk construction project.

Councillor Judy MacIsaac second the motion and the motion was passed.

Once that information is gathered, Ms Shaw will need a motion from council to move forward with applying for the Active Transportation Fund.

Coun. MacKinnon said he’s gotten lots of positive feedback on the recent sidewalk work the town has completed.

“I’ve had a number of residents say they were appreciative of having it done,” he said.

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