The field in behind the Alberotn Fire Hall is the proposed location for a green space in the town. The idea was brought to town council by Leona Lane, who thought the space would be an ideal location for a small meadow, but is open to other locations in the community. Jillian Trainor photo

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A suggestion to turn the field in behind the Alberton Fire Hall into a meadow for residents was presented to town council during its monthly meeting on Nov. 9.

Leona Lane feels the field would be a peaceful area for residents, particularly the firefighters who are part of the Alberton Volunteer Fire Department, noting how it would be a nice place for them to go after a stressful night, or even just a nice spot for them to socialize.

“Right now it’s uncultivated, and the back part is a wood lot,” she said in her address to council. “I want you to imagine what that would be like, if it was just a field with flowers, butterflies, bees buzzing around, small little pathways through the field where somebody could take a walk, maybe build some bird houses there, maybe some bee condominiums for the bees. Maybe there are some seniors that need it for a walk.”

Ms Lane said there’s an organization, Wildlife Preservation Canada, that offers a $2,000 grant a year to individuals and organizations to purchase wildflower seeds to help provide food for pollinating insects. The space behind the fire hall is about 20 acres, but the meadow itself would likely only be two acres.

“Pollinators are important, we all know that,” she said. “If we don’t have pollinators, you don’t have apples, you don’t have flowers, your home gardens don’t do as well. The most important thing is that we would be providing habitat for pollinators, but it would also be something for the Town of Alberton.”

Following the presentation, council members indicated further interest in the idea, but did have some questions regarding whether the space behind the fire hall was the best location. Some cited concerns about parking at the fire hall, which could potentially be an issue in the event of an emergency.

The area behind the fire hall is also zoned for industrial use, but Ms Lane said she is open to other options for the meadow’s location.

“The whole thing is lovely, but is that the only place in town that we have to offer them?” said Councillor Kelly Williams. “If we don’t have any offers on the plate, it’s one thing, but what if somebody was to come to you and say ‘Mayor Gordon, do you have industrial area in town? We would like to bring such and such a business here’.”

Councillor Blair Duggan suggested the area where the disc golf course is as another option. Council will continue to discuss the matter, holding off on a decision at this time.

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