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Does the gym floor change in the summer? Very much so now that COVID restrictions have eased a bit and the Atlantic Bubble is open.

With the tourist season now going, we are seeing many avid gym goers making training a part of their vacation. There is always an increase in guest day passes and short term memberships in the summer. It is cool to check out different gyms and atmospheres and doing so while on vacation adds to the experience.

There is also an increase in summer memberships from people who have summer homes and move to the area for the summer. More and more people train year round now and if they move to a summer home far from there usual residence it makes sense to pick up a short term membership at a gym that will be more convenient.

Also an increase in the number of school, university and college members. Many are home for the summer and continue to train.

Decreases in the number of times some regulars train are common for seasonal workers. If they are logging in more hours in the summer, the training may change from four to five days a week to two to three. The heat can also be a factor with some outdoor jobs where at the end of the workday people are zapped from the heat.

There are also a few members who may take the summer off completely and resume when September gets here.

If you train at a busy commercial gym in the summer expect to meet some new friends and see some new faces.

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