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This is the time of year when many will be making their predictions about 2021, but after the year we’ve had? To hell with predictions, because as one friend so aptly put it “It’s been a year”.

Let’s face it, nobody could have predicted that the majority of this year would be spent dealing with the fallout of a global pandemic, the likes of which hadn’t been seen in roughly a century.

We couldn’t have predicted in-person learning wouldn’t be able to happen, that businesses would be impacted to the point where some would have to shutter their doors permanently, and that many would be need to work from home. The flipside to that last point is disability advocates, who had been hearing for years that such a thing wasn’t possible, were able to prove that yes, indeed it is possible, which in turn will hopefully open up new avenues for people who for whatever reason are unable to work in a typical work/office setting.

Closer to home, we couldn’t have predicted three 17 year-old boys would be killed after barely starting what should have been their senior year of high school. Boys who by all accounts were wonderful, caring individuals with nary a bad word said against them, who should have been here to ring in this new year, and will always be remembered.

We also couldn’t have predicted the good things that would happen, or the kindness people would show this year. Carbon emissions are down globally, polio has officially been eradicated from the continent of Africa, and animal shelters have been seeing a lot of empty cages due to an increase in adoption rates.

The only prediction we can accurately make at this point is the fact that nothing is predictable, so with that, I bid you Happy New Year, and all the best in 2021.

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