Allan MacRae

“Tignish-The pages of time seemed to reflect back for the Tignish Regional High School commencement exercises Thursday night, 10 June 1965, as 19 academic graduates from grade 12 marched to the stage platform under light from gasoline lamps because of a power failure from a severe electrical storm.”

“The Guardian,” 12 June 1965.

“Proud parents, friends and guests crowded the auditorium. The Valedictorian was Mary Handrahan, Salutatory was given by Catherine Fraser. Sister St. Mary Arnold gave the principal’s address.”

“Graduation diplomas were awarded to the grade 12 students who had attained an average of 65% or over in the year’s work with not less than 50% in any subject. In order of merit, they are: Frances Gavin, Patricia Broderick, Sandra Bernard, Jean Myers, Mary Handrahan, Marion Shea, Linda Martin, Stella Gaudet, Gertrude Shea, Omer Martin, Joseph Cheverie, Roy Handrahan, Anna Doucette, Catherine Fraser, Beverly England, Martine MacMahon, Theresa Bernard, Cletus Shea and Walter Chaisson.”

Prize Winners

“Prize for highest aggregate, prizes for history, geometry, chemistry, biology all awarded to Frances Gavin. Prize for algebra Patricia Broderick; for French, Sandra Bernard; for Ethics Jean Myers; for English literature Mary Handrahan; English composition Beverly England. Canadian Legion prizes awarded by the president Arthur DesRoches went to Frances Gavin for the highest mark in the year’s work; Omer Martin and Catherine Fraser.”

“The Jude Scholarship of $25 is awarded to the boy in grade 11 who has the highest aggregate in the year’s work and who plans to continue his education in the school. The Parish Council of the CWL has offered a scholarship of $25 to the student of grade 12 who makes the highest in the provincial exams. The Tignish Ladies Auxiliary of the Legion has offered a prize of $25 to the grade 10 pupil who makes the highest in English in the provincial examinations. A $5 prize has been offered by Mrs. C F Morrissey to the grade 10 boy who is highest in the provincial exams.”

“The sisters of the Tignish Convent have offered two $75 scholarships to the students with the highest aggregate in the school exams who plan to take teacher training. These scholarships will be awarded to Patricia Broderick and Jean Myers in September, if they carry through their plans to take teacher training. If their plans change the scholarships will got to the students with the next highest aggregate taking teacher’s training.”

“The following students received certificates on competition of their commercial course. A certificate for bookkeeping, typing, shorthand, to Patsy Kennedy. Certificate for bookkeeping, typing awarded to Frank Martin. Certificates for bookkeeping and typing awarded to Florence Kennedy, Helen Kennedy, Mary Shea, Mary Conway, and Mary Murphy.”

“The guest speaker, Peter J Mann, BA speaking on the opportunity, success, and ambition in one’s life said a man who is doing his best each day is truly alive, but the man who did his best yesterday is starting to die. He spoke on the thousands leaving school each year as ‘Trail Blazers’. He also spoke on the Cultural Arts Foundation at Tignish. ‘Make room for culture’, he said, to put something worthwhile into your lives.”

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