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This article rings true for anyone who wants to gain muscle and strength. Just about everyone can appreciate how getting stronger can make day to day tasks easier. Gaining muscle has so many more benefits that filling out a t-shirt. While moderate gains in both will come from just about any kind of strength training, you have to do it right to get great results.

The first thing is the right exercises. You will not gain strength or muscle mass from a workout that consists of a series of isolation exercises. You have to work the legs and torso hard with compound movements. Do your squats, dead lifts, presses, rows, chins. Get set up on an effective routine that focuses on these exercises.

Next make sure you are doing them right. Too often I witness beginners who have not yet learned the right form on exercises using terrible form on warm ups, then going heavier and heavier. If your form is bad on your warm up squats and dead lifts it will absolutely get worse as you add weight. The best way to perfect your form is practice. Lots of reps with lighter weight and use the mirrors. Get advice from an experienced lifter that knows the craft. As a novice you may think your form is great, but it is probably not as the weights get heavy and you are pushing yourself.

Now that you have the right exercises and form you have to work your butt off - again and again and again. Without hard work on those exercises your muscles have no reason to grow or to get stronger. Don’t change the exercises every few workouts when you are just starting because they are too hard. Work through it every workout. Give 100% but make sure it is 100% right.

Give it time. You have been training for three weeks and have not gained 10 pounds of muscle yet? Welcome to the club. You can gain it in 6 months if you are just starting but even that is hard. Gains come to those who have patience, a brutally strong work ethic and follow through. Never quit.

Train with people who are stronger than you. I often hear “I would love to join the gym but all the guys are stronger or bigger than me”. Well that is exactly the kind of gym you want to join. Why would you want to join a gym where no one is getting above average results? You can be assured if there are a lot of stronger athletes at the gym where you train you will get better results and chances are they will be your biggest supporters.

You have to eat, a lot if you want to gain. Up the protein, up the complex carbs and healthy fats. Do this every day. Eating lots all week and blowing it on the weekends does not work. Eat lots every day.

If you carry too much body fat clean up the diet. Eating too much junk and just gaining more fat because you are “bulking” does you no good. Eats lots, but keep it clean. Yes, your gym buddy may be able to eat everything in sight and stay lean, but you cannot. Sooner you clean up the nutrition the sooner you reach your goals.

If you are just starting do it right. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

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