Alberton-Participation of the very young is one of the delights of Alberton Exhibition. It was pleasing this year to find three young ladies in their early teens among the prize winners in domestic science. Lois Profit, Mary Gard and Sheila Dunn were not satisfied to place entries only in the sections especially designated for those not over 16. They had sufficient confidence in their skill to enter into competition with experienced cooks and were not disappointed. And in the 4-H garment club exhibit there was an excellent display of needlecraft.” ‘The Guardian,’14 August 1965-Alice Green correspondent.

“There were young folks in the show ring too. Most of them were showing calves and they knew how to show them very well. They also have a surprising knowledge of the points on which an animal is judged. May on-lookers would like to know some of the things Graeme Linkletter hears as entrants in the 4-H judging competition told him the reasons for their placing on the cows they judged.”

Youngest Showman

“Youngest little gentleman in the showing was Ronnie Palmer, four-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Palmer. The first time he appeared he was helping his daddy lead a big Guernsey cow prize winner before the judge. Later, when both his parents were showing, he lent Mom a hand. No doubt Ronnie will be exhibiting Guernseys on his own before too many years and maybe we shouldn’t tell that once in a while his eyes strayed in the pony foals that were being shown nearby. Maybe Ronnie will be a cowboy some day.”

“Six-year-old Evan Locke was busy helping his father with a most important part of the pony show. Evan had a very fine pony there but even more exciting was the new pony foal that had been born in the pony barn on the exhibition grounds late Tuesday night (August 10th). This tiniest of three pony foals in the class would not weigh more than 23 lbs. And it was certainly the youngest prize-winning animal at the fair. How many animals get a third prize before they are two days old? To be sure, there was a three-hour-old calf over in the Holstein barn but Elmer Smith didn’t bring it to the showing so it didn’t get a prize.”

Super Special Pony

“There were other little horsemen showing their lovely ponies in the big new Jacques Cartier Arena. But one in particular had an interesting description of his pony on the entry form. It was the most detailed description of any animal that came in to the secretary of the exhibition. Most people just said their entry was a pony or a horse or a cow, but this pony was super special. In his owner’s words he has a white face, white eyelashes, white mane and tail, white legs and white spot under its stomach, and brown the rest.”

Young Entertainer

“Finally, a young entertainer almost ‘stole the show’ during the amateur program in the Arena Wednesday evening (August 11th). Herb Matthews and Perley Hardy claim the entertainment committee didn’t invite him; emcee Don Campbell didn’t announce him. Gene Gray and Bill McNeill say they did not practice with him, but what difference does that make if a fellow has talent?”

“The two boys were playing their closing orchestra selection when the unidentified performance, probably about three years of age, suddenly appeared on the stage with his instrument-a tiny cane-held in position against his shoulder and upon it he promptly and vigorously began to strum a lively tune. And he was not playing ‘second fiddle’. He brought down the house!”

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